Section 2: Calexico to Yuma


Day 11

0 miles


Our first zero day!

What does that mean? That’s trail lingo for a day of no miles, for any newcomers out there.

After an intense week of hiking our legs needed the break. And we had an overwhelming amount of work to do on the website and social media, which we had seriously been neglecting. We didn’t leave the hotel all day, taking advantage of the computer and free WiFi. We have to use a computer to work on the website (phones and ipads can’t format correctly) and the hotel’s “public” computer was essentially stationed in the family who owned the place’s living room. After Tenny accidentally revealed that she had some (the tiniest) knowledge of Indian politics, she was swept into a conversation, becoming part of the family and quickly forgetting her tech duties.


It’s always great to be in town with plenty of exciting food and TV, but it also brings its own kind of stress. With phone service, WiFi, and time, there’s no excuse to not be plugged in. We both worked for the entire day (and chatted with our new friends) trying to get in touch with various people and working on the blog. What is it about being back in civilization that makes time fly by so much faster?