Section 9: Presidio to Rio Grande Village


Day 110

18 miles


Sorry we’re too busy looking around at beautiful Big Bend to write much. The desert is in full bloom! We take picture after picture to send to Tenny’s mom Kim, a botanist, for identification. Desert Primrose, Prickly Pear Cactus, Creosote Bush, Yellow Trumpet Flower (we think), Blackbrush Acacia, Bluebonnet (Lupin), Feather Dalea. It’s always surprising to be reminded of how much life and color a desert actually supports.





We saw very few cars as we walked along the river, transitioning back and forth between the verdant floodplains and the scrubby hills. Just a few feet’s difference from the river makes for an entirely different ecosystem. We got stuck on a long elevated rise with almost no shade cover and were forced to get creative with our afternoon siesta. The tent, fly and ground cloth made for a semi-successful patch of shade when tied to the yucca and cacti that lined a wash. Still, it was hot.

Maybe it will cool down at some point?