Section 12: Del Rio to Carizzo Springs


Day 148-149

0 miles


More days off! At this point it feels like we are sitting around more than we are hiking. Yes it’s true that the long, hot days of highway walking are making us hate hiking just a bit.

And we’re still scrambling to catch up on our blog from our crazed river stretch. And...can we find any more excuses?

The theme of these two days was the usual - catching up on pictures and the blog - but we were also planning a rendezvous! Claire’s best friends from childhood - Courtney and Maddy - are driving down from Austin for a visit. As incredible, generous and the absolute most supportive friends they had offered a while back to come out and visit us (Courtney lives in Austin and Maddy in San Francisco). And now it was actually happening! Nikki, Kim and Fred, Corey and Zak, Sarah, Ken and Kellie and now Courtney and Maddy  - we are loving our visitors. Texas is spoiling us!  


Another big conundrum regarding our route. We have another day of highway to the town of El Indio, and then the paved road takes a sharp left turn 20 miles north up to the town of Carrizo Springs. From there it parallels the border before cutting down to Laredo, our next big city. The other option would be to continue due east along a remote dirt road right on the border for almost 70 miles. Pretty much everyone has told us not to camp along this route because of the nighttime activity. The Rio Grande Valley - Laredo to Brownsville - has the highest concentration of border traffic. A couple people have even told us not to risk walking during the daytime. As usual, we are conflicted over how much weight to give the rumors. The Forgotten Reach was one of our favorite parts of the trip and we were terrified going into it! We go back and forth over the options, not feeling good about either. In the end, we decided to go with the less risky but more distant route along the highway. It sucks and leaves us feeling like failures. If only we had planned our support for this section! If we could find someone to drop us off and pick us up again at night for 70 miles we would, but Courtney and Maddy only have a couple of days. So it goes.