Section 12: Del Rio to Carrizo Springs


Day 152

0 miles




Maddy and Courtney’s last morning with us. It feels like they only just got here. We slept in and got going slowly, reluctant to lose our support. Another day of no hiking, this time to spend several hours working on a grant to continue this project.

We're already thinking of the next step?

We’ll see what happens. Carrizo Springs is still a day of hiking away but we decided to take advantage of our friends and hitch a ride ahead to town. Tomorrow we will walk backwards to connect with yesterday’s path. Hasta la vista Eagle Pass!


Carrizo Springs is tiny and surprisingly filled with budget hotels. The established town center suggests a once-prosperous area but Carrizo Springs, like many small towns, has clearly seen better, more moneyed days. We found a small restaurant with a breakfast menu so our work was a bit more palatable (ha!). Before we sit down we say goodbye to Maddy and Courtney, who need to get on the road back to Austin. We don’t want to lose them. Thank you guys for coming out and supporting our trip. We love you!


Coffee, french toast, and more coffee. Library, internet, hotel. You know the drill by now. Tomorrow we hike!