Section 13: Carizzo Springs to Laredo


Day 157-159

0 miles


We have officially made it to the final stretch of the trip, the Rio Grande Valley.

Only about 200 miles to go? It's hard for us to believe! 

The end is close enough that we know what day we will be finishing and where we will be each day of hiking. The hotel we are in is the nicest one yet and we spent most of our time in its business center, stockpiling blogs for later postings. Claire’s aunt and uncle are meeting us in just a few days and we want to hang out with them for as much time as possible. In the evenings we walked the short distance to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a well-known Texas chain that serves food and drinks during its movies.




We are getting into the populated part of Texas, where it’s the man-made structures rather than the landscapes that are enormous. Sprawling parking lots and highways stretch normal sized shops and businesses into a vast maze of concrete and empty corners. Our walking continued to draw stares, even in populated areas. Everyone drives out here, and after spending the last month in the heat along the endless highway, we know why.