Section 13: Carizzo Springs to Lardeo




Day 160

15 miles



Back at it. It's VERY tempting to stare at our feet and lumber blindly forward. Fortunately, Laredo had enough going on to keep us from spiraling too far down into our own humdrum thoughts. The outskirts that we shuffled through in the morning were an upgraded version of Del Rio’s line of fast food and auto shops. Our road looked like any other city route; lots of local traffic and city buses. And sidewalks! Hallelujah. Occasionally we are women of simple pleasures.





Itching for green and looking to add some silliness to our day we left the road to explore a city park. The skateboard park gave us some obstacles to jump around on but the backpacks kept us from achieving any real balance or grace.

Do we really need to be more of a spectacle than we already are? Oh well! 

We started to get some weird looks. Okay time to leave. We wandered down the rubber track in search of a picnic table and sat in the shade for midday snacks and a chat. 







As usual, as we neared the city center the aesthetic became more deliberate. The Laredo Public Library was painted blue and purple, with geometric towers jutting out from its main frame. A nearby cemetery took up several blocks, adding bright splashes of color and leafy green shade to the landscape. Our sidewalk disappeared once we hit the neighborhoods and we jumped from curb to curb, trying to dodge traffic on the narrow street. Every house was different, with landscaped gardens, freshly mowed lawns, patios with nifty stonework, and pissed off dogs. Interesting as it was, it was extremely hard to move through, and we were relieved to rejoin the sidewalk again.





We hit a patch of city center that reminded us of Eagle Pass, with unique, family-run grocery stores and other businesses. It’s been a day of changing aesthetics, from the scrubland along the highway, to the chain store development of the outskirts, to the quiet residential streets, to the gritty town center. It reminded us of San Diego back at the beginning, with its many different zones.

Are we comparing Texas to California? It might seem crazy, but there are often similarities between the border communities, even from state to state.  

Many people never have reason to explore outside of their own section of city, and there’s a surprising amount to be seen when you travel from edge to edge (especially on foot!). It was a good reminder to stay focused and engaged because even along a highway there is a lot to see!