Section 13: Carizzo Springs to Laredo


Day 161

Very few miles


We’re finishing up the miles in the Laredo area. It’s a big city to get through! Dan and Julia arrived today and we were eager to finish the day and meet up with them.




Aside from Dan and Julia’s arrival, the other deviation from our otherwise normal day was a visit to the brewpub across the street. It advertised 30+ beers on tap and was called the Twisted Kilt. We were slightly surprised when our hostess greeted us wearing a tiny plaid kilt and matching bikini top. A glance around the cavernous room showed every female worker in similar attire. It was like a Scottish-themed Hooters. A quick internet search informed us that this was a national chain with a couple locations just in Laredo.

Ok? But hey, we’re big supporters of people - especially women - working where they want to, as long as their employment is safe and consensual.

For the time being we’ll give the benefit of the doubt to this particular establishment.


Tomorrow we hike again but tonight we were happy to catch up with Dan and Julia and a couple of cold beers. The two of them came all the way out from Virginia just to support us and they are both easy to hang out with and a lot of fun. In case we haven’t made it clear yet, the people who have supported us so far have been the best and most invigorating part of this trip and we could not be more grateful or humbled. Thank you Dan and Julia!