Section 3: Yuma to Nogales


Day 36

0 miles


Around midday Tenny’s family met us! They made the trip down from Tucson, AZ and it was the best gift we could get. Uncle Jim, Aunt Mary and cousins, Jackie and Jonny. During the trip to Tucson a week prior, they’d briefly discussed the idea of an excursion to Nogales. The catalyst for a trip down was to bring us a present, a flare gun. We constantly discuss revamping our security measures and thought it would be great to have something that could send out a distress signal, especially since we’re in a heavily patrolled area with many willing to help. When in Tucson we casually mentioned the idea and Jim stood up, disappeared into the other room, searched Amazon for a handful of minutes and returned to announce “it’s purchased”! So here we were, in Nogales with a flare gun hand delivered by some of the most important people in Tenny’s life. And a couple hours of great conversation at Mariscos Restaurant.