Section 3: Yuma to Nogales


Day 37

0 miles






Merry Christmas! The main event from the day was seeing the movie Coco (so good, seriously go see it) and visiting the local grocery store, which was quite the scene. It was packed but we weren’t sure if that was the holiday effect or a regular day. The store looked like an indoor market, with long aisles full of both familiar and unfamiliar items. Almost everything was in Spanish and came in flavors like tamarind or guava. Some of the aisles we’re accustomed to - like the chips section - did not exist, while there was an entire aisle dedicated to colorful prayer candles and incense. One entire wall was covered by an impressive array of spices; many were common like chili powder, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, etc only they were displayed on a spectrum of heat. And there were the unusual spices, a bag of dried shrimp, what looked like sticks, leaves of some sort, sprinkles. The cashiers and most of the customers spoke in Spanish and we got to try out our limited language skills.

¿Cuánto cuesta?

As we exited the store an excited kid ran up to us and asked a rapid question in Spanish, using none of the words we collectively know. Seeing our alarmed expressions, this tiny child of 5 or 6 easily switched to English and asked if he could take our cart. Of course! And imagine how cool it would be if we were all bilingual. The streets were strung with Christmas lights and as we walked home in the dark Rudolph decorations lit our way. Feliz Navidad!