Section 7: El Paso to Fort Hancock


Day 84 & 85

0 miles


Some more days off. It feels excessive compared to past hikes, but we just can’t seem to catch up on logistics and the blog. An endless complaint we know! Our most intimidating section - the Forgotten Reach - is fast approaching and we’re frantically reaching out to any and all that can provide info on what we will encounter. After another 40 or so miles of El Paso outskirts we will enter a remote expanse of mountainous terrain that stretches along the river for almost 200 miles. Everything is private property and water sources are few and far between (other than the river which is basically an undrinkable cesspool even with filters). Because it’s so remote, Border Patrol barely has a presence and sticks primarily to a zone around the highway about 30 miles to the north. And we’ve had multiple confirmations that this is a very active smuggling area. We’re not sure what to expect but we’re definitely intimidated. We probably won’t have cell service for much of the section so we want to be as organized as possible before we begin. It’s nice to have all the resources of a big city as we prepare and we spend a lot of hours in El Paso’s very plush library system.